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Balloon Animals Kit Twisting Balloons with Pump Pack of 200 Long Balloons for Party Birthday Decoration

Model: Twisting Balloons

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what is the special of the Twisting Balloons:Material is Latex and Plastic.The thickness is 1.5g that is more thick than other sellers and not easy to broken.There are many colors to chose(red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple and pink .

Balloon Animals Kit can design many different shape: It will twist all kinds of balloons and small shapes , such as love birds, puppies, knives, arrows, flowers, planes, monkeys climbing trees, tulip flowers and so on.

Long Balloons are Good and funny gift for kids:This kind of balloon can be shaped by various twisting and twisting. It can be used for all kinds of interesting shapes. Balloons can enhance children's thinking ability. And children's hand and eye development can be coordinated, and the brain's ability of creation and thinking can be stimulated.

Personalised Balloons are a very creative, fun hand art! It is also very popular with people, and They are used for decorating and decorating in Wedding decorations, birthday parties, Christmas and other festivities, children playing, game awards, etc.

Warning:Each size of the balloon has its saturation, do not inflate too much, so as not to cause damage to the balloon. Please keep an eye on the amount of air in the body when you are breathing

Long balloons can create new magic effects In just a few seconds. A balloon can be folded out of all kinds of strange shapes, such as magic, enviable and admiration.

Special :

1, High quality imported natural latex, environmental protection and non-toxic
2, multicolor: red, blue, green, orange and white
3, advanced technology, thickening production, quality assurance
4, can be used in decoration, teaching and other activities, can make ever-changing shapes, deeply loved by the children.

How to inflate

1, lengthen the balloon a few times before blowing up and reduce its elasticity.
2, the balloon is quickly inflated to reach the required length, which is generally 2/3 of the length of the long balloon.
3, before the knot, let out a small part of the balloon in the balloon, reduce the pressure, so that the balloon is slightly softer, so that the shape.


1, when the balloon is folded, try to avoid too much friction between the balloon and the balloon, and the sound of the friction is too large.
2. Notice whether the fingernails of your fingers are smooth and there is no sharper place.
3, do not fill the balloon too much. Before we inflate, we must know how much volume it needs to reserve, and at the same time, we need to breathe a little .
4, time, light and heat are the three fatal injuries of the balloon, and the sun and light should be avoided as much as possible to improve the service life.
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