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How To Get Free Stuff

Please follow these steps to get Amazon free products.

Select products -->Place order at Amazon --> Receive goods and submit good reviews(5 star) -->Get Refund

1. Select your products

2. Place order at Amazon.

A. Browse freestuffgo.com products detail pages and find keyword (keyword is under the product name).

B. Use this keyword to search our products at Amazon.com (ps: please check products brand name and seller name , to ensure this information is consistent with the freestuffgo.com details page).

C. If your location is the Unite States, you need choose Fulfilled by Amazon to deliver your products and complete your order.

If your location is other countries , you choose Seller to deliver your products and complete order.

3.Once you receive these products ,post your good reviews (five star).

If your location is the Unite States, it will take 2 or 3 days, other countries, it will take 10 or 20 days.

Besides, Post product review, please do not choose to be anonymous (Must be the buyer's name), when we process the refund we need double-check.

4.Please feel free to contact us to get your money back.

When you done with steps 2 and steps 3, and after that send us your paypal account and Amazon order number to serviceonline2u@gmail.com .
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