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Magnetic Putty-Magnetic Clay Magnetic Slime Putty with Funny Monster Eyes for Children Kids(Random Color)

Model: Magnetic Putty

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【magnetic putty】 it contains magnet component. Put any magnet close to the putty and it will follow the moving track of the magnet. You can shape the puffy freely. Very magical and special!
【various way to play】stretch it, bounce it, roll it into a ball or tear it apart! It can be stretched and bounced like rubber, shaped and sculpted like clay, and torn and ripped like paper.
【ignite your imagination】 with this bouncy and stretchy magnetic putty; you can create monster, flower, unicorn etc .Everything can be created with your magical hand and vivid imagination!
【stress relief for all ages】 great putty with playful monster eyes. You can squeeze it, roll it, or shape it to the character you like.
It can always keeping your hand and head busy!
It is a perfect gift for kids who have vivid imagination and people who are good at creating things!
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