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Maikerry Hair Mannequin- 26"-28" Human Hair Wigs Training Head Manikin Cosmetology Doll (Table Clamp Stand Included)

Model: Hair Mannequin

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Shipping List:
1 x Mannequin Head with Synthetic Fiber Hair;
1 x Table Clamp Stand.
20xBlack hairpin
1xHair band
6xPearl U type clip
1xPull up device
1xHair comb

About hair loss:

New mannequin head may has some hair hanging, which is normal and any mannequin head would have these problems, just like we doing our hair style also loss a little hairs. Much less these are fake hairs, so loss little hair is very normal situation. Please understand, at first time using, there may little hair loss, after teasing several times, the loss situation would barely happen.

About hair knotting:

Because high temperature chemical fiber hair line having static very easily, some hair line would knot together. In this situation, don’t use a comb to tease them, only use your hands to scatter them. Otherwise, they will knot together deadly. About hair knotting, first you need to tease the hair end, then comb the hair root, at last to the top Please care about the hair end and be gentle when combing the hair.
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