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Plastic Wrap Dispenser-Plastic Wrap Cutter With Plastic Food Freshness Wraptastic Dispenser Preservative Film Unwinding Cutting Foil Cling Wrap Kitchen Accessories

Model: Plastic Wrap Dispenser

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Wraptastic wraps food in a flash.
Simply load plastic wrap, wax paper or foil then pull, press, wrap Cuts perfectly every time so theres no waste, and features a hidden blade that cuts safely and easily.

How to use:
1.Open lid to grasp edges of wrap;
2.Pull wrap to desired length;
3.Close lid and cut wrap by pressing firmly on boyh sides.

Easy to install and release,Fits in most kitchen drawers.
Stainless steel blade is recessed to protect fingers.
Makes wrapping food super easy and convenient.
Hidden blade cutting safely and easily with plastic wrap
Environmental protection,Smart food wrap dispenser;
makes wrapping food super easy works with plastic wrap and more wraptastic, as seen on TV, wraps food in a flash, simply load plastic wrap, wax paper or foil then pull, press, wrap! Cuts perfectly every time so there’s no waste!

Package includes:
1xPlastic Wrap Cutter
1xPreservative Film

Pls far away from children and with the help of parents use
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